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Global VIP Concierge Service 

Today's choices determine  the future

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VIP membership life concierge service

Data City Bank provides its members with a practical and luxurious lifestyle.

We provide customized service for our customers. Our Life Concierge service provides services to our members in partnership with industry-leading companies from travel, vehicle, education, living and health.

The Life Concierge service is designed as a high-quality service that can be shared with individuals, families and colleagues. In addition, our services are very efficient for our members and support services in all areas needed to manage their lifestyle.

Life concierge services are used by successful business CEOs and celebrities. It is a valuable high-quality service that provides vitality to life while finding a leisurely lifestyle in the busy life and work of modern people.

We support our members' lives to be financially stable and healthy.

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Korea's first life concierge service

Data City Bank's life concierge service consists of services that focus on members' happy lives.

If you have been running forward for success, design a stable future through Data City Bank and prepare for a new second life.

Special Data City Bank Service

The happiness of the future must be the happiness of the present. We provide stable investment and​ Create a happy life balance

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Most of them endure the pain of reality in order to prepare for a more stable and good future. There has been only a lot of effort and investment so far, but it is not enough to improve the quality of life in reality.

Data City Bank enhances financial stability and quality of life through IPFS data centers based on Korea's best technology.


Today's happiness can be tomorrow's happiness.

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The Life Concierge service supports members so that they no longer have financial difficulties.

Data City Bank's VIP Life Concierge service supports members' luxurious lifestyles.


​Data City Bank
VIP golf service

The free golf service you can enjoy with your family and friends will give you the joy of life.

If you are a Data Citibank customer​, you will enjoy today.


VIP travel service

if you want to travel
​Data Citibank VIP service supports it.

The meaning of a family trip is stronger than anything else.
​Life concierge service provides the joy of free family travel ​

Black Sedan on Road

​Vehicle leasing service

Get a free lease car from Data City Bank.
This service will make you and your family happy.

If there is a road that you have not traveled yet, go out with your family with the Data Citibank VIP service.

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​The Life Concierge service provided to members is free of charge.
Data City Bank is waiting for members to join us for a new future together.


VIP condo/hotel accommodation service

Try a famous condo hotel in Korea for free. We deliver new vitality to your tired life.

Need a break? ​
We will guide you to the best accommodation facilities.


VIP health checkup service

Data Citibank health checkup service supports ​customers to lead a healthy life in connection with excellent hospitals in Korea.