Data City Bank hosted an 'IPFS Data Center Briefing' in Yangjae, Seoul, South Korea

Data City Bank successfully hosted the IPFS data center briefing event last January 8, 2021, which explained the present and future data of the 4th industrial revolution.

Songho University President Chung Chang-deok gave a celebratory speech addressing the need and recognition to enlarged the capacity of South Korea to create data centers to seize data hegemony from the pioneering countries such as US and Europe.

Dr. Jeong-sik Na (Victor University, California, and a former professor at KAIST University) delivered a presentation on the significance and future of IPFS, a distributed storage data mechanism.

Chairman Jin-woo Jang of Data City Bank pointed out the limitations of the present centralized HTTP protocol and said to his speech that security issues from the products of the 4th industrial revolution must be addressed first. And he added that this necessitates the ability to deliver high-capacity services at low cost. He inquired as to what decision to make in light of the upcoming transformation that IPFS data centers can bring.

"The IPFS data center is the most reliable and efficient way to solve the data traffic, security, and cost problems of the future industrial revolution," said Chairman Jin-woo Jang. He stated on the same day that he will proceed with 'K-Data' due to Korea's influence, which is attracting attention from all over the globe, such as K-drama, K-pop, and K-beauty.

According to Chairman Jang, one of the biggest technology and production company such as Google and Netflix have both analyzed and begun utilizing IPFS storage; and New York City as the world's financial center, is also adopting IPFS to store public data. He also ensured that Data City Bank will take the lead in presenting the K-Data vision, with specialists with substantial abroad management experience and development teams based on legal, accounting, and tax firm advice services, as well as technical advisor Dr. Jeong-sik Na.

Isabella, a a semifinalists of Miss Trot performed a song to celebrate the success of the event. For the closing remarks, Mr. Michael Chang, the first-generation Asian Democratic Party candidate to Canada delivered a congratulatory speech.

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